Theoretical essays




"We must notice that every world view is a metaphore and every language is metaphorical. The point is that we are used to some metaphors and their symbolisms, and we are unfamiliar with other metaphors. To understand it one must submerge oneself in it and attempt to comprehend it from within, or must continuously translate it into one's own metaphors, into one's own language." (Soleri, 1981)
In this essay the value of representation, the relation between content and display, the architectural values of form and function were researched. The statement of Marshall McLuhan ("The medium is the Message") became the leading motif in a study on identity, seperation and confrontation within the contemporary city.
in collaboration with Jeandonné Schijlen



"The world of ideas, of beliefs, of fantasies and projects is just as real as reality." (L.Mumford)
Ideale Architectuur is a glorification of the power and value of the paperarchitecture which was developed over the years between 1950 -1975; a brave architecture that tried to create new orders, new worlds, bearing hope and stirring up the architectural praxis.
Showcasing the works of architect-artist Constant Nieuwenhuys, imaginative pop-group Archigram and the Italian radicals of Superstudio, a striking image is created of the believes and dispair of young, ambitious architects searching for true values within a fast changing society.
in collaboration with Koen Smulders