“Brasserie De Veldstraat” is part of the renovation of the monumental Art Deco swimming pool complex, built in 1933. This facility, the oldest and architecturally most outstanding of its kind in Antwerp, is located in the former workers' neighbourhood and was in need of both a profound restoration as well as a programmatic update. The neighbourhood around the swimming pool has transformed into a mix of immigrants and yuppies, and the individual dwellings have been upgraded with private bathrooms.
In order to meet the city’s changing needs the City of Antwerp in collaboration with a private investor Sportoase decided to restore the 33,3m swimming pool with its changing rooms and to transform the rest of its spaces into a Turkish Bath, a spa, a beauty fair, a dancing room and a café.
Together with Beata Labuhn, DGNSDSGN has developed the interior design of the café, which is the most publicly accessible part of the complex. It is open to visitors of the swimming and bathing facilities as well as fans of Antwerp's cafés. It is the place where the historical building and the city meet and get to know each other a bit better; the café functions as the ‘memory’ of the complex, where even the ‘most suppressed memories’ have a place of their own. The design of the café integrates these memories, the breezy atmosphere of the typical Belgian café and the unique aesthetics of the historical Art Deco building.
in collaboration with Beata Labuhn